Hey look - you found me! Good job. The difficult part of your journey is now over.... However, you are not finished yet, my friend. You see... because of some poor choices I've made In the upcoming future [Im yet to recover from] I should mention that I NEED YOUR HELP affording my drug habit! [It wont cost you much] but, if you cannot offer your help or if you're as broke as i am [you're not], then it's probably not such a bad idea to join my mailing list so that you will automatically get 20 FREE BEATS emailed to you! Either way... don't be fooled by anyones jibber-jabber It is only Noise & Nonsense. & you are much too intelligent for that. RIGHT? IM KIDDING. ANYWAY... Allow me to explain: While you've been clicking through the vast oversaturated catalog of endless (& mostly useless) beats online, has it occurred to you yet how THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME??? How quickly did it take you to determine the predictable formula, patterns, sounds, structures, OH MY?? How inspired can you really be, in regards to the endless "TYPE BEATS" that sounds like everyone else?? Come on now. You know better. Don't be foolish. That shit is only a marketing ploy for online producers to attempt making some money ever since dudes started charging $1/beat or even giving them away for free. They single handedly killed their own industry & I AM VERY PISSED OFF about it. Also, I'm here to tell you that type beats aren't going to save your career either. It's already a dying trend that can't die fast enough. So let me ask you this: When you go to the grocery store and they have a thousand jugs of milk and since you're a conscious human you glance at the expiration date. K? One of them expires next month, and another one expires in four months... which would you purchase? Uh huh, exactly. The free one that expired yesterday of course!!!! Ugh, fuck me. This analogy sums up the horrific truth for produc...

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