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promotional/advertising videos

Typically anywhere from 15seconds - 1 minute long, you provide me with the colors, words, and images. From them I'll submit it it my multi-specialized ultra-creationist prompting supervisor, and she will quckly respond with gold. You can use on any platform for life - or as long as you need to get your point across. Here are some videos below...  

furthuremore, we also offer additional promo videos for anyone with an ecommerce or dropshipping business wanting to show off their new products in action. Or, you are a band or artist set to release new merchandise - videos that we make are great content to upload on your socials. 

These videos will be longer for obvious reasons and this will cost a little more. Just include your colors, copy, and artwork design that will go onto your shirts, or any other cloting article. Below is a few examples of this in action. 


We will go above and beyond to help you with tracking analytics for your Marketing, Promotion, Sales, Distribution, Logistics, Stock Management, Sync, Rights Management and Reporting and more. We will also help you with management, a team, as well as consultations to help maximize your full potential launch towards your music career. Marketing Promotion Sales Distribution Logistics Stock Management  Sync Rights Rights Management Reporting Sales Analytics.


  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search & Display Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy Surveys
  • Web Analytics
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Local Listings
  • Domain Research
  • E Commerce Marketing


We well give you the quality you're looking for, we live for what we do. Any mistakes made of course will be terminated, and any suggestions on your part that can be improved, will always be advised with us, it's our passion. We'll take care of the hard work, applying auto tune, compression, delay, eq, reverb, and panning to your instruments and vocals.


jacobthewilliam.BEATS DIFFERENT:  up & coming music producer. Get your beats for free


Could you imagine being in the club, your favorite artist is looking for the next big hit but no other contenders around you have compression for their vocals, and everyone thinks it sounds like... garbage.. Luckily you invested in yourself like a professional, and are coming to the plate with that yum yum sauce. After that mix we did is crisp, we add the glaze, the high quality limiters, dynamic and analog compression, and harmonic exciters in your final mix, will have that track ready to bloom on every radio station across the globe.



            From corporate and business video narrations & presentations, explainers, audiobooks and animations to TV & radio commercials, we will voice your video, presentation, phone system/message, commercial or animation in crystal clear, pristine, digital audio. You will get a professional delivery, produced to your specifications & complete satisfaction. We can help provide you with a professional male or female voice actor, along with many variations of accents and impersonations. Or you are more than welcome to provide one yourself. 



below are examples of artwork we have designed for various reasons:






jacobthewilliam.BEATS DIFFERENT: artist unique A


Custom instrumentals specifically tailored to any request you make. There's only one catch... Err - actually two... no 3...

1. Along with a brief written description of style/tempo/era/ etc, I ask that you also provide a link to a song which closely resembles your request.

2. I require a $50 downpayment. Only cuz you guys have to remember HOW LONGIT TAKES to make a beat of good quality and considering you'll probably ask me for a genre i am not comfortable with.  therefore, i'm not gonna lie - It will be a challenge i am willing to accept. For this I will need an investing for my time on your part. Hope you understand this

3. I will remake it up to 3 times to meet your satisfaction. You'll get a completed .wav file in 1 week.


jacobthewilliam.BEATS DIFFERENT: artist unique B