A random collection of songs recorded by The Vernons were chosen to be released here, on the groups first project. Many other will be rendered from the large catalogue of 300+ songs the group managed to record during the 2-3 years they spent living together in a small, SE Portland house, which had a recording studio in the basement they had built entirely.  
       Now I should mention that Because of such a large quantity of unreleased songs, it has been determined that the best method to releasing them will be for us to grab handfuls at a time, throw them onto a playlist and click "shuffle"er saving everybody a lot of time from making complex decisions behind the organizing songs into a thematic auditory journey/experience. So, the downside of this will be an album that sounds like a collection of songs - like a compilation or a mixtape. But, the upside is that finally the world will be able to hear the amazing music they created together. It is stuff of magic.  Hear what they came up with...  Enjoy

 Now, ladies and gentlemen... 

The Vernons

                                                  In Portland, OR - there's a four piece rock group of young, energetic, drunken young men full of feverish sex appeal and egotistical savagery. They fight like brothers and debate like scholars. One thing is for certain within the concept of The Vernons - it is that any single member must be better than all other members in anything and everything measurable. They compete constantly. They torment and tear each other apart. They fight battles and hold grudges and slander one another to the point of no return. They embarrass, belittle, deflate and decimate… with no feelings of guilt or remorse. Essentially, a group of four egotistical psychopaths who hate the world but love themselves. 

Their vanity is sickening to all who bare witness… In that they boast, and flex, and make mockeries of any losers while they go standing on their pedestal. They laugh at the lesser privileged and mock the handicapped. They will go out of their way to make life more difficult for someone else, for the sake of their own amusement and enjoyment. In fact, myself being a music journalist and having met them for three minutes before I ran away back to my car in tears after they publicly humiliated me for being a a bulimic prostitute and pregnant. For no reason at all! Ugh they make me sick!www. The band Is nothing but negativity. Turmoil. Destructive. Defiant. The worst mixture of humans beings ever formulated together on planet earth!!!                 Ok, you get my point....? 

           However, with that being said, there IS this one thing that brings the four of them together as one solitary unit - through the holy almighty force of nature and all human cognitive expression - music. 

           A listener simply hearing The Vernons without the pre-context aforementioned above - one would shaken to his or her’s core at the pure beauty they are hearing. It is so pure and delightful that it reminds us of a familiar time and place when you felt wholesome complete, with an unexplainable desire and quest for a sense of love, belonging, and togetherness. 

          It is hard to fathom the stark contrasts between all the negativity and hatred 5 minutes before the group gets on stage, and when they strum the first few chords and sing the first couple notes… everything prior is lost, and the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders. You can finally breathe again - exhale all the stresses that lead up to the music - which releases all tension and sets everything tranquil with the pleasures of music, just as music should. 

By Donna.Whitman@journalist.com, DESIRES ESQUIRE MAGAZINE™