Non-Exclusive Beat Licensing

Non-Exclusive licenses grant you specific user rights to the beat that you are about to record your lyrics and vocals on. It doesn’t mean that you own it (exclusively). The producer of the beat still retains copyright ownership of the beat. It means that the producer has the right to license the beat to whomever he wants to, until someone purchases an Exclusive license. With a non-exclusive license, you get 0% publishing rights.

Non-Exclusive Copyright Information

After you have recorded your vocals to one of our beats, you have created a derivative work. You have copyright over the lyrics that you recorded over the beat but you don’t have copyright to the music used for your song. Upon submitting your song to TuneCore or CDbaby they ask you who the copyright owners of the song are. In that case, you’ll have to tell them that you only have copyright over the lyrics and that you’ve created a ‘New work’ with copyright protected audio that has been non-exclusively licensed to you by the producer.

Exclusive Beat Licensing

When you own the Exclusive rights to a beat, you can use the master (your song) without limits on user rights (in comparison to beat licensing). Meaning that you can exploit your song to the fullest. You may exploit the master without any limitations in way or territory of use. So if you think you can get your record on #1 in ten different countries and sell millions of copies, then you are allowed to do so. Beat licensing is no longer an issue because you will own the exclusive rights to the song you created with our beat. That also means that after you have purchased the exclusive rights, we will no longer sell or license the beat on our website.

Exclusive Copyright Information 

Producers differ in how they define ‘Exclusive.’ In our case, we always ask to execute a 50/50 split-sheet and we retain copyright ownership over the music we created (The way it should). We negotiate a fair split of publishing rights with the artist (or their representatives) and work together with the artists to maximise the song’s potential. As that would benefit us both. Some of the terms in an exclusive license can be discussed or negotiated, as we always advise artists to contact the producer first before purchasing an exclusive license.


Understanding license agreements can be confusing for both new and experienced artists alike. Whether it's a standard MP3 license or an Unlimited license, navigating the various  licensing types and knowing what each offers is important when it comes to distributing and profiting from your song. One license offers more flexibility to leverage your song while others make more sense for your financial situation. In this post, we hope to help you gain a better understanding of each license agreement and which suits you best. 

First, let's start with a quick reminder of what a License Agreement is. A License agreement is an agreement between you (the licensee) and the licensor (the Producer), that grants you permission to use the beat under certain guidelines and stipulations. These guidelines can vary depending on the license type and the producers you are working with. Knowing these guidelines is important for both the artist and producer as it can save a lot of time, money and possible legal disputes.

There are four types of license agreements on most online beat stores: Mp3, WAV, TrackOut and Unlimited License. At first glance the name of each license can seem self-explanatory, but the devil is in the details. One  license may grant you certain permissions that another might not.

$20-$30 Mp3 License:  
Commonly referred to as Leasing rights

If you're going to record and release your song but don't expect to profit from it initially, the MP3 license is the best way to go.  The Mp3 license allows you to only upload your songs to SoundCloud, and use your song for non-profit projects and performances.  *Distributing and monetizing on streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. is NOT allowed with this license* (This license is recommended for artists on a tight budget because it offers them an option to work with they got until they are able to upgrade their license.)

$50 Wav License: 
(most common + most popular choice for serious artists)

With the Wav license, you receive both the Wav and MP3 file of the beat (Wav files are definitely a better option in fidelity for recording, rather than MP3’s).  Wav licensing allows you to distribute your song to SoundCloud and other streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, ect.  The Wav license allows you to profit from up to 10,000 of your unit sales + monetize up to 100,000 cumulative streams. This license allows you to use your song for 1 music video, however YouTube monetization is not allowed with this license.

$100 Trackout License: Commonly referred to as Stems

The *Most Popular* licenses is the TrackOut License. Artists usually find this license ideal for mixing and rearranging because they receive the tracks stems of the beat, giving them more freedom to mix and arrange the track to their liking. Generally speaking, a tracked-out version will be split into 4 sections (4tracks) Rhythm This license allows you to distribute to all streaming platforms and sell up to 15,000 copies of your song and monetize up to 150,000 of your cumulative streams. This license also allows you to use your song for 1 music video, however YouTube monetization is not allowed with this license. 

$300 + Unlimited License:
Commonly referred to as Exclusive rights

With this license you can sell an unlimited amount of copies of your song. Its allows for an unlimited amount of monetized streams on all streaming platforms. Essentially, you buy all ownership of the beat from the producer so therefore, you are allowed to do with it whatever you want!  One of the biggest things the Unlimited license offers is the ability to enable YouTube Monetization for your song; something the other licenses prohibit. This is great because once your music video is completed and posted to YouTube, you can start earning money from it off views you get!  

Now that we've gone through each license type, the big question still remains: Which License should you choose? The answer is simple. The license that allows you to make the most out of your song while being realistic about your current career situation. Also, keep in mind you can always upgrade your license by simply contacting us via email jacobthewilliam.BEATS@gmail.com and paying the difference.  Every artist wants to earn money from doing what they love.  Don't sell yourself short!

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